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"To know the past, is to better understand today." 
~Gichin Funakoshi


From Shaolin to Okinawa Te...

Sokon Matsumura about Martial Arts

Ankoh Itosu's Ten Lessons on Karate

Interview with Hohan Soken by Ernest C. Estrada

1936 meeting of Okinawan karate masters, translated by Sanzinsoo

Interview with Meitoku Yagi by Paul Babladelis

Kenwa Mabuni Biography by Sam Moledzki

Uechi Ryu history by George E. Mattson

Analysis of the Okinawan Bubishi by Fernando P. Cāmara

The memory of my father, Chojun Miyagi. (Interview) Yasuko Kojiro (Thuruko Miyagi-Old name) 1978

Master Choki Motobu,'A Real Fighter' - Journal of Combative Sport, Febr. 2000

Chotoku Kyan by Graham Noble - Journal of Combative Sport, Aug. 2000

The complete Tatsuo Shimabuku by Victor Smith

Tatsuo Shimabuku Biography by Henk Goslinga, 1999

Isshin-Ryu GrandMaster Angi Uezu by Greg Gudson

Zen Breathing Methods in Isshinryu, somewhere lost in time (essay) by Henk Goslinga


founding members of karate-do association
seating (l-r): Chotoku Kyan, Kentsu Yabu, Chomo Hanshiro & Chojun Miyagi
standing (l-r
): Shinpan Shiroma, Choryi Maeshiro, Choshin Chibana & Genwa Nakasone


1936 meeting of Okinawan karate masters

In October of 1936, a meeting was held of the leading Okinawan masters. It was at this meeting that the term "Karate" (Empty Hand) was formally adopted in favor of the old "Tote" (China Hand). The masters observed that the new "Karate" was becoming very popular on the Japanese mainland. Okinawans such as Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957,founder of Shotokan), Choki Motobu (1871-1944), and Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito-Ryu), among others, had moved to the mainland and successfully begun to spread the art. Funakoshi was quite an innovator, adopting Judo's kyu and dan system, and "modernizing" many of the kata. He had also changed the traditional names of the kata, many of which were Chinese in origin, in favor of Japanese versions. Okinawa's unique cultural art was at risk of becoming "Japanese."

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